Burns Night at Whiskylander

Burns Night at Whiskylander

Are you ready for January 25?

One of the biggest events on the Scottish calendar is coming very soon! When you combine whisky, haggis and poetry it is of course... Burns Night!

Burns Night marks the anniversary of the birth of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns . In his honor, Burns celebrations and dinners are held on January 25 (or an evening close to it), every year around the world.

A traditional Burns Night meal includes haggis (stuffed sheep's stomach) , neeps and tatties (potatoes and turnips) and drams of whiskey!

Some of Burns' poems and songs are recited and tributes paid to Scotland's national poet!

Burns' nighttime celebrations range from informal get-togethers with friends and family to formal dinners with a piper and a formal marching order.

Not to mention the recitation of Burns' 1786 poem Address to a Haggis ! Or as Burns calls it, “the Great chieftain o' the pudding-race!”

A Whiskey in tribute ... and a few words of poetry

It's just important to have fun and enjoy a single malt Scotch whiskey, because Rabbie Burns himself loved whiskey and championed Scotland's national drink in his poetry.

“Then let us toast John Barleycorn,

Each man has glass in hand;

And may his great posterity

Ne'er fail in old Scotland! ”

So what whisky?

We have selected three excellent whiskeys to toast Rabbie Burns.

We think the single malt, smoky/peaty or sherried cask strength is just the thing to compliment the meaty, buttery, nutty, peppery potato of the haggis, and the sweet turnip.

The ideal whiskey to pair with these strong flavors should be strong and sophisticated enough to pair perfectly with this dish.

1. Glenglassaugh 2010

This lightly peaty delight works wonders!

2. Glenmarvelous 2011

Unpeated "Speysider", its richness combined with the sweetness of the sherry cask completes the meal exquisitely.

3. Tomatin 1994

How about a 25 year old Tomatin? A concentrate of pure happiness.

We also like very smoky and peaty whiskeys at Whiskylander, so we have an eclectic range of Port Charlottes, Lochindaals, Cola Alis and an Illegal Shipyard Riot! You choose !