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Whiskylander is an importer, distributor and retailer of whiskey from small independent bottlers. For this family business run by Andy, a whiskey enthusiast and expert in the distillation process , the tasting of exceptional whiskeys is above all linked to the people behind the barrel.

Over the years, Whiskylander has surrounded itself with a network of small independent bottlers for whom quality always takes precedence over quantity. A select circle of experts who bottle the rarest and most interesting whiskeys, through a rigorous bottling process to retain their authentic character and flavors.

Our shop therefore offers a selection of limited edition whiskeys , cask strength, without chill filtration and without added coloring. Our product lines are constantly evolving to deliver a memorable taste experience with every bottle.

Official Dramfool importers in France

Dramfool is a small Scottish independent bottler run by Bruce Farquar and Colin Fraser. Since 2015, Dramfool has been bottling cold filtered whiskey independently and has earned a great reputation for its whiskies. Bruce's mantra is “I only bottle the whiskey I like” and he doesn't waver; he will not offer a bottling for sale unless he believes it meets his standards. This has led to consistently high reviews from connoisseur drinkers and industry insiders alike.

Understanding our Selection

Why choose an independent bottler?

Independent bottlers buy casks of whiskey or other spirits and bottle them themselves under their own label. They embellish the whiskey by deciding how long it takes to mature and often bottle their whiskeys at cask strength, avoiding chill filtration and colouring. Their selections of whiskeys are either prime examples of one distillery or offer a rarely seen unique character with exceptional flavors.

The distinctive advantage of Single Cask Whiskeys

Single Cask whiskey is bottled from a single cask, which produces approximately 250 bottles (depending on the cask). The aroma and taste of the whiskey is unique to this cask and is often of exceptional quality. A very distinct flavor that can be spectacular but cannot be replicated, which gives it its rare character. While usually most of the big brands combine 80-100 kegs to keep the house style desired. Thus, single barrels can be special and unique and provide the opportunity for a distinctive taste that cannot be found anywhere else.

Cask strength, or Cask strength whiskey

Cask strength whiskey is bottled at the natural strength at which it is drawn from the cask, without dilution by added water. A matured whiskey will often come out of the cask with an alcohol content of 50-62% , and so savoring a cask-strength whiskey is closest to sampling directly from the cask. Due to its higher resistance and filtration without cooling, it has a certain power and intense aromas.