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Dramfool Port Charlotte 20 years old Bourbon Barrel - Islay Festival 2022

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Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Distillery: Bruichladdich, Islay

Bottler : Dramfool

Vintage : 2002

Age : 20 years old

Cask type : ex-bourbon cask ( Barrel no. 86)

Degree : 57.9%

Number of bottles: 188

Capacity : 700ml

Dramfool has released one of the oldest Port Charlottes ever released, the first Port Charlotte 20 year old from 2002.

In fact, they released two!

By pure chance, Dramfool acquired 2 barrels filled on May 10, 2002 and both were bottled on May 11, 2022 at 20 years old. They are the first bottlings to carry the "Jim McEwan Legacy" seal of approval and were launched at Fèis Ìle 2022.

Dramfool's 49th release is a 20-year-old Port Charlotte fully matured in a first-fill bourbon cask for 20 years. A stunning whiskey that shows how a quality first fill bourbon cask can fit into the heavily peated spirit of Port Charlotte.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Color - Golden Honey. Light amber tint

Aromas - The nose opens with a combination of peat fire embers and toasty oak then a sea breeze leading to malt extract. Over time, the spiciness of the bourbon cask gently persists. It works brilliantly with peat-smoked barley. It is assured and the character of Islay is undeniable.

Mouth - This is where you experience the fruity notes of apple and pear held in a cradle of oak and smoky malted barley. Add the sea opening of the Atlantic Ocean which is a stone's throw from the distillery constantly delivering a sea mist to the warehouses and happily accepted by the oak barrels. It is this blend that really underscores the character of this unique craftsmanship and the skills of the dedicated team who continue to follow the same skills passed down to them from their ancestors.

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