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Jim McEwan Bruichladdich 2010 Journeys End Release 1

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Cask Type : First Fill Banyul Cask - Cask Number #2319

Strength : 55.9%

Number of bottles : 314 Bottles

Colour : Charming Medium Amber. Harvest gold.

Tasting Notes:

Body - Medium and very soft. The French oak performed beautifully.

Nose - Opens beautifully with a harmony of sweet fruit and coastal wildflowers. With the heather in bloom in August, the warm sand blown by the westerly winds, it's a delight to behold. A young Bruichladdich classic, loving the "French Connection" and its rather special story!

The young islander is in dreamland. The natural fruitiness of Bruichladdich eau-de-vie unpeated, slowly distilled and matured a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean, and having had a decade-long relationship with this extraordinary barrel makes this eau-de-vie quite special.

The opening of the wine blows in the wind in absolute harmony with the character of Islay, its location, its people and its history of distillation.

A drink to share or a drink to enjoy alone, this gentle islander is non-judgmental. Enjoy it, and let the worries of tomorrow wait for this day to be over!

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