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Jim McEwan Signature Collection 5.2, Port Charlotte 2009 12 years old

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Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Distillery: Bruichladdich, Islay

Bottler : Dramfool

Cask type: 1st fill bourbon from the Clear Springs distillery. The home of iconic bourbons owned by the famed Buffalo

Barrel #1440.

Strength: 62.9%

Number of bottles: 197

Distilled on April 28, 2009, this whiskey has spent its entire 12-year life maturing in barrel #1440. This maturation took place in a first fill bourbon cask from the Clear Springs distillery. This distillery is the birthplace of iconic bourbons owned by the famous Buffalo Trace company, whose bourbons are plentiful, including Black Ridge, Stone Hammer, Two Stars, and Wolcott Kentucky Straight. We have no indication of the bourbon it previously contained, but Buffalo Trace's policy on casks is one that never compromises on quality!

Bottled in July 2022 as Jim McEwan Signature Collection Release 5.2, like all bottlings in the collection, it was bottled unchill-filtered, with no added coloring and at natural cask strength.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Color - Bright Warm Honey/Gold Tint

Aromas and Flavors - It has that signature Islay aroma that brings together smoke, oak, marine openness and traditional skill as it was in 1881. Ripened next to the Atlantic Ocean which plays an important role in the contribution of character to this spirit.

I recommend adding a drop of water and you'll experience a host of aromas, including a spicy, sweet openness from the bourbon's time in the barrel.

Taste - At this age he is in his best condition. Strong in character, which is 100% Islay, which initially translates to smokiness and oak, then in the mid-palate the sweetness of malt extract arrives along with small hints of lemon and honey. It's a great Hebridean taste experience!

Maturation by the ocean is the key to what gives this brandy a unique character, as it does for my island compatriots. The flavors of peated malt, the sweetness of oak and the influence of traditional distillation in a historic setting make this brandy a little special.

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