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Jim McEwan Signature Collection - Bruichladdich 1.1 2007

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First fill keg Bordeaux, 13 years old, 61.8%

Distilled on November 2, 2007, this whiskey has spent 13 years of its life maturing in cask #RO8/153-12. This maturation took place in a barrel of Bordeaux red wine of 1st filling coming from a castle being one of the only four castles to have obtained the status of Premier Cru in the official classification of 1855. A classic of Bordeaux associated with a Islay classic!

Bottled in February 2021 as Release 1.1 of Jim McEwan's Signature Collection, like all bottlings in the collection it was bottled unchill-filtered, with no added colourants, and at a natural cask strength of 61.8% ( Jim wouldn't have done it any other way!). He only gave away 265 bottles.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Opens beautifully with a combination of fleshy ripe grapes, sweet oak and warm washed malt with an openness of mountain ash, birch and flowering heather.

The fruitiness and oak are well balanced and you will also detect a hint of honey and lemon, as well as a slight nutty taste from the oak. I find this to be one of the most intriguing malts I have ever reviewed.

Its taste spectrum is surprisingly broad, ranging from fruity and floral to citrus, oven-dried barley and woody overtones. It's complex! The color is absolutely magnificent proving that the quality of the wine grapes, the first occupants of the barrel, add their influence. From this comes a magnificent climax that is very rare, making for a great mid-palate experience.

The finish is harmonious and lingers long, like a good friend whose company is appreciated. It's a true testament to the team that crafted this spirit in a distillery that could so easily have been lost forever!

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