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Jim McEwan Signature Collection - Bruichladdich 2.1 2008

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Bourbon first fill barrel, 12 years old, 59.8%

Distilled on October 1, 2008, this whiskey has spent its 12-year life maturing in cask #2666. This maturation took place in a 1st fill Bourbon cask originating from the Buffalo Trace distillery.

Founded in 1773, where the bison crossed the Kentucky River, and 200 years old, it is one of the oldest distilleries in the United States of America. Its wood and barrel policy is considered one of the strictest in the bourbon industry. She insists on using oak barrels that are 6 months old before being charred and finally filled. Having won more awards than any other distillery, it must be doing something (well, many things) right!

Bottled in February 2021 as Release 2.1 of Jim McEwan's Signature Collection, like all bottlings in the collection it was bottled unchill-filtered, with no added coloring and natural at 59.8% cask strength (Jim wouldn't have done it any other way!). He only gave away 215 bottles.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Body - Medium and satin thanks to filtration without cooling. The natural oils of oak and barley provide a mouthfeel that is both smooth and luscious.

Nose & Mouth - Opens with freshly cut barley, followed by a hint of lemongrass and coastal flowers; sea ​​roses, clover and marigold. Then the sweet, nutty taste of oak sets in, with just a hint of the spicy bourbon notes you always find in a cask full of first-time malt whisky, and pair perfectly with the unpeated Brookie. . On the palate, the flavor of grilled barley is in the spotlight, with its biscuity sweetness and notes of vanilla.

Drenched by Atlantic storms and warmed by Gulf Stream winds, Islay's natural cooling environment plays a huge role in the flavors you taste.

It is a spirit at its peak. All the flavors are in a Hebridean halo. Matured at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it could not have better DNA. It's pure Islay, barley to bottle. No man could ask for more.

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