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Jim McEwan Signature Collection Octomore 3.3 2014

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First fill cask: bourbon cask

Cask number: #5390

Color: Clover Honey

Barrel Strength: 64.7%

Number of bottles: 235 bottles

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Nose & Palate - No mistake about the provenance of this beauty; the smoke rises from the glass like Lochindaal mist with a gentle Atlantic overture. 

Then follows charred oak, bringing caramelized oak sugars and a bouquet of spice, lemon and honey and a manageable amount of salty sea breeze with understated power. 

The mid-palate is opulent and just shows a fiery flash of warmth. 

The main speaker of the aftertaste is undoubtedly peat and sea breeze. 

A superlative Islay malt that delivers the Octomore message in style. 

Finish - Flavors linger for hours like a receding tide. 

Nothing can compare to it!! 

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