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Jim McEwan Signature Collection - Port Charlotte 2.2 2010

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Bourbon first fill barrel, 10 years old, 59.4%

Distilled on July 7, 2010, this whiskey has spent its 10-year life maturing in cask #1415. This maturation took place in a 1st fill Bourbon cask originating from the Jim Beam distillery.

Founded in 1795 in central Kentucky, the Jim Beam Distillery still works according to the original values ​​of its founder, seven generations later. The world's number one bourbon, it ages its barrels for four years, imparting flavor and smoothness not only to its spirit, but to many of the Scotch whiskeys we enjoy.

Bottled in February 2021 as Release 2.2 of Jim McEwan's Signature Collection, like all bottlings in the collection it was bottled unchill-filtered, with no added colorants, and natural at 59.4% cask strength. He only gave away 257 bottles.

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Aromas & Flavors - Brilliant Islay opener, the peat smoke combining beautifully with the charred oak staves. Add some Atlantic surf and storm-tossed seaweed. Sprinkle with flowering heather and mellow bourbon oak and you get the aroma of freshly baked scones. A drizzle of wild honey, lemon zest, charred oak, caramelized sugar and succulent soft fruits like peach and pear. Floral notes of daffodil and lily combine with a drift of the winds from the Atlantic coast, Islay barley distilled by authentic islanders and, finally, time and patience.

It's that simple, but have a drink or two before trying to make your own.

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