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Jim McEwan Signature Collection - Port Charlotte 3.2 2008

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Age : 12 years old

Cask type - first fill bourbon cask

Barrel #3742

Strength 58.8%

Number of bottles: 233 bottles

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Color - Freshly Cut Barley Straw

Body - Muscular and full of Islay character

Flavors - It is a combination of smoky barley sugar and spicy bourbon. Then, as it opens, the sweet crispness of the malted barley evolves.

Sweet fruit notes emerge especially from the pear and green apple drops.

Islay aromatics are truly exceptional, not only was the barley grown on Islay, but the spirit matured on Islay!

Sweet riverside floral notes in harmony with the aromas of thousands of years old peat are beautifully cradled in ancient oak from the Ozark Mountains in Kentucky, matured beside the Atlantic Ocean and distilled by true distillers!

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