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Scottish Whiskey Dramfool Bruichladdich Rivesaltes 2010

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Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Description :

Distillery : Bruichladdich

Bottler : Dramfool

Vintage : 2010

Age : 11 years old

Cask type : 1st fill Rivesaltes Barrique

Colour : Deep ruby ​​with cherry red undertones

Strength : 61.8%

Number of bottles : 299 bottles

Bottle size : 700ml

Country : Product of Scotland

Note: The product photo shows only one bottling number and the bottles you order may be of a different serial number

A 2010 Bruichladdich matured in a 1st fill Rivesaltes barrel for 11 years. The barrel yielded 299 bottles at a cask content of 61.8%.

This whiskey has been personally endorsed by Jim McEwan and is part of the Jim McEwan Legacy range.

Barreled on 08/09/2010 and bottled on 11/04/2022 at 11 years old.

Jim McEwan Tasting Notes (from English version)

Color - Stunning and Seductive Auburn

Aromas - Staggering, opening with all components singing like a heavenly choir! The aromas of red fruits in harmony with the sweet mellowness of the oak are simply wonderful, and the crispness of the malted barley from Islay is the perfect counterbalance. It is a magical olfactory experience.

The DNA of the Atlantic winds and the heather-covered peat fields of the Isle of Islay work wonders. Full-term maturation a stone's throw from the ocean makes a huge difference in the character and personality of the spirit, just as it does for men working quietly while the world sleeps. Made in a distillery where the closest thing to a computer is the clock on the wall!

With the passage of time, you discover a wonderful and rare spirit. At this age, it is amazing, all the components are one; handcrafted, matured at term by the Atlantic in this unique barrel from Rivesaltes.

I have created many spirits over my 52 years of existence and this one is quite special, and I know you will enjoy your time with it, handcrafted by skilled distillers with passion and pride !

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