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Dramfool Carsebridge 1976 Scotch Whiskey

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Lowland Single Grain Scotch Whiskey

Description :

Category : Scotch Single Grain Whiskey

Distillery : Carsebridge

Bottler : Dramfool

Vintage : 1976

Age : 44 years old

Cask type : Bourbon hogshead

Degree : 41.5%

Number of bottles : 122 bottles!

Capacity : 700ml

Remarkable Lowland Single Grain Whisky, it aged in Bourbon "Hogshead" casks, undisturbed for 44 years and then bottled in 2020.

Closed in 1983, the Caresbridge distillery was demolished.

This cask, bottled unchillfiltered and at an alcohol content of 41.5%, yielded only 122 bottles.

Distilled in Carsebridge in 1976, it is a vestige of whiskey history

Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan

Color - Beautiful soft yellow

Body - Smooth as glass

Aromas and Flavors - Incredibly fresh for a spirit of this age. It has a feline charm that is unique to aged grain whiskies .

It's a classic of the genre.

It opens with an aroma of oak syrup with a hint of honey and lemon leading to sun-dried barley then stored in the grain store throughout the year.

Light floral notes of riverside, primrose, lily and marigold serenely.

He is a handsome man for his age.

The cask has played its part superbly in providing the strength, structure and character to make this whiskey such a beauty.

It is a deep and warm spirit which undoubtedly proves how important cask quality has been in feeding this whiskey without ever overpowering it.

Very few people have ever tasted "grain whisky". As a former blender, Carsebridge has always been a powerhouse of grain, bringing a lovely sweetness to the overall composition of many well-known blends.

At this age, he's an absolute treasure.

When will we see his equal again!

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